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General Data Protection Regulation:

This is a private homepage. While surfing the WWW, you should be aware that usually user data is collected by those who provide the contents of the sites you are visiting. I use Joomla!, a content management system, to publish things I think others might be interested in. Albeit, personally I do not have any interest to collect, store, or analyse private data from my visitors, your IP-address might be stored automatically by the system (I have no idea if this is still true for the current version but to be on the safe site, let's assume IP-addresses are stored somewhere). Also this site might store a temporary cookie, or collect information about the browser and operating system you are using. Concerning your privacy, I cannot track down this information to reveal your identity nor would I even wish to do so. In addition, you might find links on my website that lead you away from my website to other websites. That's how this thing called internet works! Be aware that I am not responsible for anything you find outside my personal website. That's also how this thing called internet works!

If you have any questions regarding the GDPRs you might contact me by e-mail but be aware that you will reveal your e-mail address by doing so! If you don't agree with these terms, I advice you to leave this site, although I have no idea where you could possibly go. If you are a lawyer trying to make money out of the new regulations, go ahead and sue me.