"Fill My Datebook" is freeware. You can use "Fill My Datebook" for free and it may be freely distributed, provided that the program is not altered in any way. However, you may not sell "Fill My Datebook" nor include it in a commercial product (such as software CDs) without my permission. I have extensively tested the program but of course, I can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data on your system from using it.

Scholarly reference to this program should be like: Lewejohann, L (2008): Fill My Datebook: A Software Tool to Generate and Handle Lists of Events. Behavior Research Methods 40 (2): 391-393.

"Fill My Datebook" is a program to generate and handle lists of events that can easily be edited in order to be iteratively entered into a given calendar. A detailed manual as pdf can be downloaded here.

Download version (2009/04/17) for Windows here (2577 KB).
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