Timing of experiments involving up to 4 experimenters

"Talkative Timer" is freeware. You can use "Talkative Timer" for free and it may be freely distributed, provided that the program is not altered in any way. However, you may not sell "Talkative Timer" nor include it in a commercial product (such as software CDs) without my permission. I have extensively tested the program but of course, I can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data on your system from using it.

Scholarly reference to this program should be like:
Lewejohann, L (2009): Talkative Timer. [Computer software]. http://www.phenotyping.com/software/talkative-timer.html

This tool was originally developed to coordinate 4 experimenters in an experiment requiring multiple exact timed steps within 10 minutes. The software uses a text to speech feature and directly addresses different experimenters at defined time points, telling them what to do.

Since such protocols are likely to vary between different labs, it is possible to customize the protocol. This can be achieved by editing the text and hitting the reload button. Each line holds the start time, end time, command, and addressed person.

A working version of the program can be dowloaded here. Unpack the content of the archive (including the subfolder named "Externals") into a single folder and start TalkativeTimer.exe.